The regular volume of the Collected works of P. Sorokin included a work, first published in Russia

The Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin is pleased to announce the publication of the regular volume of the Collected works of P. Sorokin – “The Crisis of Our Age. Russia and the United States”.

The sixth volume of the Collected works of the world-famous sociologist P. Sorokin includes two books written during the Second World War. The book “The Crisis of Our Age” (1941) is a short popular version of P. Sorokin's main work “Social and Cultural Dynamics”.

The second book, “Russia and the United States” (1944), is devoted to a comparative historical-sociological analysis of the two countries, in the course of which there is much in common between them. In any case,  in the opinion of the author, there never was and will not be fundamental contradictions between them at the level of vital values.

At the time, both books enjoyed great success, there is no doubt that they will meet the same reception with the modern Russian reader. The text of the translation of the “The Crisis of Our Age” has been carefully checked, corrected and edited, the book “Russia and the United States” has been translated and published in our country for the first time. In extensive applications, translations of almost all critical reviews of contemporaries for both books are given.

The publication is addressed to everyone who is interested in the life and creative work of P. Sorokin, sociology and history, as well as those who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet, humanity and Russian-American relations.

The full-text version of the book can be found on the following link: