Pitirim Sorokin's book at the festival “Dark Alleys”

On the 25th of August, the Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin took part in the festival “Dark Alleys”, organized by the National gallery of the Republic of Komi. This year the event was devoted to science fiction and space exploration.

For the attention of the guests of the festival was presented an exposition on the book of Pitirim Sorokin “Laundry of Human Souls”, prepared by the Center “Nasledie”. The science fiction novel of the famous sociologist, written at the beginning of the last century, was fully published already today and is of great interest to the researchers of P. Sorokin's creative work.


Visitors got acquainted with the fascinating plot and main characters of the novel, as well as with a remarkable staging of this work, prepared by the student's theatre of the Syktyvkar State University after Pitirim Sorokin “Sem plus”. Also, the guests learned that you can get acquainted with P. Sorokin's science fiction novel in the libraries of the republic or online on the Center's website, where other works of well-known sociologist are also posted.


The photos were provided by the methodist of the Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin E. Mayorova, the staff member the National gallery of the Republic of Komi N. Belyaeva, and the Information Agency BNKomi