The publication of the regular issue of the journal “Nasledie”

The Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin announces the publication of the regular issue of the journal “Nasledie” No.1 (12) for 2018.


The authors are international – the issue contains articles by scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, West Virginia (the USA), Novosibirsk, and Syktyvkar.

Together with the authors of the articles, the reader will be able to analyze the current socio-cultural problems of modernity. Within the section “Sociocultural dynamics” were published materials of the Round table (Sorokin readings) on the topic: “Prospects for preserving and studying of the scientific heritage of P.A. Sorokin”. Anyone interested should get acquainted with the rubric “Russia abroad”, which is dedicated to Russian scientists-emigrants who continued their research and teaching activities abroad. Readers will be able to penetrate deeper into the symbolic images in the Mari drama in the section “The Sociocultural context of the Finno-Ugric peoples' literature”.

A number of articles, devoted to P.A. Sorokin, are placed in the section “Personality in the sociocultural world”. In the same section an article was published by the American researcher L. Nichols on the evolution of Sorokin’s philosophical and scientific views, which had never been published before.

In the same issue of the journal are two articles of P.A. Sorokin – “To a question of training of the emigrant Russian youth” and “Sociology of my mental life”.

The journal is available for reading online or downloading on the link: