Lectures in the Komi National Gymnasium

On October 10, pupils of the 10th grades of the Komi National Gymnasium continued their acquaintance with the creative work of the famous writer and ethnographer Kallistrat Zhakov. This time, the methodists of the Center “Nasledie” told the children about the author's famous poem – the fabulous “Biarmiya”.


The pupils of the 10th classes learned that the poem is based on the folk lore and the legends of the Komi people and became a kind of result of the activity of K. Zhakov as an ethnologist and folklorist. Together with the lecturers, the schoolchildren plunged into the poetic and charming world of Biarmiya, met the heroes of the poem, made amazing journeys with them and witnessed their feats. The colorful illustrations of famous artists Vasiliy Ignatov and Pavel Mikushev helped to convey the fabulous atmosphere of the poem.



The children learned how in the ancient world man lived in natural harmony with the forces of nature, and also discussed what distinctive features of the heroes of “Biarmiya” helped them to live in peace and harmony.


At the end of the lectures, the methodists of the Center reminded the pupils that on the website of the Center they can learn more about the biography of K. Zhakov: http://rksorokinctr.org/images/nauka/zhakov.pdf