Lecture about the life and creative work of Kallistrat Zhakov

On October 12, the methodist of the Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin Ekaterina Maiorova continued to acquaint pupils of secondary school No.3 with the biography of a famous scientist, our countrymen Kallistrat Falaleevich Zhakov, after giving a lecture on the topic: “The life and creative work of Kallistrat Zhakov”. This time listeners of the lecture were schoolchildren of the 11th grade.

The children listened with interest to how Kallistrat Falaleevich spoke about his small homeland and about his family, and how he admired the beauty and grandeur of the northern nature.


The schoolchildren of 11th grade listened with interest about the creative heritage of the writer. The children watched a cartoon based on K. Zhakov's fairy tale “Gulen in the Sky” and answered what this fairy tale teaches.


At the end of the lesson, the lecturer invited pupils to take part in the Republican contest of research works “Komi region in the fate and works of Pitirim Sorokin” (to the 130th anniversary of the birth), which is annually held by the Center “Nasledie”