The Center “Nasledie” strengthened intercultural relations with colleagues from Yarensk

On October 29, the Center “Nasledie” took part in the work of the Interregional Scientific and Practical Local History Conference “Intercultural Relations of the Peoples of Russia in the European North”, held as part of the ethnoforum “We are Russians”. The conference was held in Yarensk, Arkhangelsk Oblast, which played a large role in the life of Pitirim Sorokin. The future sociologist was born in Turya of Yarensk County (now the territory of Knyazhpogost District of the Komi Republic), moreover political activity of Pitirim Sorokin was connected with Yarensk.



The guests wished the participants fruitful work and agreed that such exchange of experience helps to strengthen the intercultural relations between the two regions. The director of the Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin O. Y. Kuzivanova spoke at the plenary meeting with the report “Preserving the memory and popularization of the creative heritage of Pitirim Sorokin in the Komi Republic”. In her speech, she described in detail the main periods of the life and creative work of a famous sociologist. The audience listened with interest about how Sorokin is associated with Yarensk, learned how in the country and in the Komi Republic the memory about the scientist is maintained. The director of the Center told about the published volumes from the large-scale collected works of a sociologist published by the Center, and presented several volumes to the Lenskaya Inter-Settlement Library.

Torkov A.G., Head of the Municipality “Lencky Municipal District”

Gabusheva G.I., Minister of National Policy of the Republic of Komi


Vitkova O.K., Chairman of the Committee of the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly of Deputies on

Cultural Policy, Education and Science

Kuzivanova O.Y., Director of the Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin

After the break, the conference continued in sections. Within the framework of the section “Yarensk and Ust-Sysolsk: Russians and Komi, together and separately”, the methodist of the Center Chipsanova E.A made a presentation on the role of reconstruction in the study of P. Sorokin's biography. In her report, she considered historical reconstruction as a method for studying the biography of Pitirim Sorokin.


At the conclusion of the conference, the organizers thanked all the participants and expressed confidence that the cooperation between the two regions will continue successfully in the future. Following the conference will be published a collection of materials.