Lectures in the Syktyvkar Humanitarian Pedagogical College named after I.A. Kuratov

On November 8, the first-year students of the Syktyvkar Humanitarian Pedagogical College named after the founder of Komi literature I.A. Kuratov got acquainted with our other famous countryman, the world famous sociologist Pitirim Sorokin. The methodists of the Center “Nasledie” held two lectures for students and told about the childhood of the famous scientist he spent in the Komi land and his student years, as well as about one of his famous theories, the theory of social mobility.

At the first lesson, the first-year students learned why the childhood of the future sociologist was not easy, and what it taught him. The children learned that in spite of difficult years, in the future, Sorokin recalled this period of his life with warmth and spoke of his childhood as a happy time. The students were very interested in how the fate of the brothers of Pitirim Sorokin and himself developed, the first-year students vigorously asked the lecturer why the sociologist had to leave his homeland, did he have problems with the language barrier when he started teaching in the USA, and also, where you can read the first serious work of the scientist “Crime and Punishment, Feat and Reward”, written by him in his student years and already then showed great potential of the scientist (spoiler: this work has already been published by the Center “Nasledie” as part of the Collected works of the scientist and is freely available on our website: http://rksorokinctr.org/images/nauka/prestuplenie.pdf)


At the second lesson, the children got acquainted with the theory of social mobility. The students learned what social stratification is, social space and how they are interconnected, using examples from everyday life figured out what vertical and horizontal mobility is. The students actively interacted with the lecturer, answering all the questions, and at the end of the lesson, having finished with the theoretical part; they enthusiastically did the practical task to consolidate their knowledge, and successfully coped with it.


The first-year students became interested in the Republican contest of research works, which is currently taking place at the Center “Nasledie” and received full information on it, in more detail: http://rksorokinctr.org/index.php/component/content/article/14-125--/302--l-r.html

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