Lecture for students of Humanitarian Pedagogical College

On November 15, the Center “Nasledie” continued a series of lectures on the biography of the famous sociologist Pitirim Sorokin in the Syktyvkar Humanitarian Pedagogical College named after I.A. Kuratov. The second-year students listened to a lecture on the topic: “Biography of Pititirm Sorokin: revolution”.

Together with the lecturer, the second-year students remembered the main preconditions for the emergence of revolutionary mindsets in Russia at the beginning of the XXth century. The students learned what role the Russian Revolution played in the fate of the scientist, who became not only an eyewitness, but also an active participant of revolutionary events. The second-year students listened with interest to why Pititirm Sorokin did not accept the power of the Bolsheviks and in 1922 was forced to leave Soviet Russia.


At the end of the lesson, the students learned that on the website of the Center “Nasledie” they can get acquainted in more detail with the main works of the famous scientist, in which he wrote about the revolution. These are “Leaves from a Russian Diary” and “Sociology of Revolution”: http://rksorokinctr.org/images/nauka/new-785_listki_iz_dnevnika.pdf