Presentation of the sixth volume of P. Sorokin's Collected works in Moscow

On November 15, the director of the Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin O.Y. Kuzivanova took part in the “Literary Evening” organized by the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Komi to the President of the Russian Federation and the Komi Community in Moscow.

The director of the Center presented to the audience a regular volume from the Collected works of the sociologist “The Crisis of Our Age. Russia and the United States”. The books included in the volume were written by Pitirim Sorokin during the Second World War. The book “Crisis of Our Age” is a short popular version of P. Sorokin's main four-volume work “Social and Cultural Dynamics”, where the sociologist sets out his theory about the existence of three types of cultures: Sensate, Ideational, and Idealistic, and their cyclical nature in history. The book “Russia and the United States” is devoted to a comparative historical and sociological analysis of two countries, during which the mental, cultural, and social similarities of Russia and the United States are revealed. The text is translated and published in our country for the first time.

The director of the Center also told the audience how, starting from the 1990s, the scientific heritage of the world-famous sociologist began to return home, how it remains in his small homeland, in the Komi Republic, and about the role of the Center “Nasledie” in this work. At the end of her speech, O.Y. Kuzivanova handed over to the Permanent Representation several copies of the presented book for further work.

Also at the Literary Evening there was a presentation of a new book by the French researcher of Komi Sebastian Kanole – the result of ten years of his scientific studies of the Komi language, the Finno-Ugric theatre, and the historical links of Komi with world culture.

At the end of the event, the director of the Cultural and Business Center of the Komi Republic in Moscow V.M. Khutorenko handed O.Y. Kuzivanova and Sebastian Kanole memorable gifts on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Regional Public Organization “The Komi Community”.