Students of the Syktyvkar Humanitarian-Pedagogical College named after I.A. Kuratov learned about the childhood of Pitirim Sorokin in the Komi Region and his theory of social mobility

On November 21, the methodists of the Center “Nasledie” met with the second-year students (correspondence course) of the Syktyvkar Humanitarian-Pedagogical College named after I.A. Kuratov and talked with them about the childhood of the sociologist Pitirim Sorokin and about one of the most important theories, the theory of social mobility.

At the first lesson, students of the specialty “social work” learned where Pitirim Sorokin was born and why, until the end of his life, he spoke about Komi people with respect. Those present found out that the relations between the future sociologist and his father after the death of his mother were not easy. In the end, Pitirim Sorokin with his brother Vasiliy had to start an independent life very early, which undoubtedly left an imprint on the formation of his character. How the Sorokins brothers made a living, where the thirst for knowledge has led P. Sorokin, and what his own system of education was unique about - all of this was discussed in the first lesson.


At the second lecture, the students understood the theory of social mobility - one of the most famous theories of the scientist. The audience determined what the main criterion for the presence of social space is, how it differs from the geometric space and how to determine the social position of a person. Together with the lecturer, the students found out what social stratification is, and were able to define social mobility themselves. Having analyzed the theoretical part, the students set about the practical task of consolidating the material studied, and successfully coped with it.



At the end of the lectures, the students thanked the methodists of the Center for the interesting and easy to understand lecture material. We remind you that you can learn more about other theories of Pitirim Sorokin from the brochure “Pitirim Alexandrovich Sorokin: Life and Ideological Heritage”, which is freely available on the website of the Center “Nasledie”:

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