What fascinated Pitirim Sorokin in the Komi region and why was he disappointed in the revolution?

On December 10, 2018 the methodists of the Center “Nasledie” visited the school № 9 (Krasnozatonsky) and conducted four lectures for two 11th grades on the topics: “Biography of Pitirim Sorokin: childhood and student years” and “Pitirim Sorokin about war and revolution”.

As part of the discussion of the first topic, the topic was about the life of the future sociologist in the Komi region and his student years in St. Petersburg. At the end of the lesson, the schoolchildren discussed the impact of childhood in the Komi region on the formation of the character of the future revolutionary and scientist.


During the second lecture, the children learned what stages of the attitude to the revolution Pitirim Sorokin went through before stating that cruelty and destruction, which always accompanied any revolution, nullify all the good intentions of the revolutionaries. The schoolchildren found out that the scientist had his own theory of the causes of wars and learned how the Sorokin family reacted to the invasion of fascist invaders in the Soviet Union, the country from which the sociologist had been expelled on pain of the death penalty.


At the end of the lecture, the children learned that they could use the unique opportunity to learn more about the views of the scientist on the period of the Revolution of 1917 on the website of the Center “Nasledie” by reading his book “Leaves from the Russian Diary”. They thanked lecturers for the interesting lections.



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