What was the fate of the brothers of Pitirim Sorokin? Students of Gymnasium named after A.S. Pushkin learned about it

On January 16, the methodist of the Center “Nasledie” Evgenia Chipsanova visited the Gymnasium named after A.S. Pushkin and held a lecture for pupils of 9th grade on the topic: “Biography of P. Sorokin: childhood and student years”.


Pupils of 9th grade learned how Pitirim Sorokin began his career, why he and his brother left his father, for which the sociologist valued the Komi people and why from the diversity of parties in his youth he chose the Socialist Revolutionary Party.


The children listened with interest, what obstacles to obtaining knowledge the future scientist overcame, learned that even as a student he wrote his first major work “Crime and Punishment, Feat and Reward”.

At the end of the lesson, schoolchildren learned that the Center regularly holds various activities for young people, which you can always find out on our website, and thanked the lecturer for the interesting lecture.