What contribution did the Sorokins family make to the victory over fascism?

On January 30, the Center “Nasledie” visited the Komi National Gymnasium with a lecture “From war to peace: the contribution of the Sorokins family to the victory over fascism”.

The pupils of the 10 grade learned that the Sorokins, who were forced to leave their homeland, never ceased to love and support it. During the Second World War Russian War Relief was established in the USA. At the lesson, the lecturer spoke about its role in the fate of ordinary Soviet citizens and the activities of the Sorokins in this organization.


At the end of the lesson, the children asked questions to the lecturer and learned that although Pitirim Sorokin had never been to his homeland, his son, Sergei Sorokin, had been to Russia several times and to his small homeland, in the Komi Republic.