The 130th anniversary of the birth of Pitirim Sorokin was celebrated in his small homeland

On the birthday of Pitirim Sorokin, in the small homeland of the scientist in Turya (Knyazhpogost district) memorable events were held. The director of the Center “Nasledie” after Pitirim Sorokin O.Y. Kuzivanova, in the delegation which included the Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation V.P. Markov, the Minister of the National Policy of the Republic of Komi G.I. Gabusheva, the Acting Rector of the Syktyvkar State University after Pitirim Sorokin O.A. Sotnikova, the Head of rural settlement A.N. Shlopov and other, took part in the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the birth of the scientist.


O.Y. Kuzivanova and G.I. Gabusheva laid a basket flowers from the Head of the Republic of Komi S.A. Gaplikov to the monument of Pitirim Sorokin. Then there was an excursion in the Local History Museum named after Pitirim Sorokin. O.Y. Kuzivanova presented to the director of the museum S.I. Samsonova the regular volume from the Collected works by Pitirim Sorokin “The Crisis of Our Age. Russia and the United States”. This book will replenish the exhibition of the editions of the Center in the Museum.





Photos were provided by the Ministry of the National Policy of the Republic of Komi.