On the role of the Komi region in the fate of P. Sorokin for readers of the “Svetoch” library

On February 14, the methodists of the Center “Nasledie” met with the readers of the “Svetoch” library in Ezhva and talked about the life of Pitirim Sorokin in the Komi region and the student pages of his biography.

At the lecture, much was said about the connection of the great scientist with his small homeland, because even being already a world famous sociologist who had visited many countries; Pitirim Sorokin admitted that he would not trade his childhood in the Komi region for anything else in any of the most beautiful cities of the world.




From the library staff, the listeners learned that in “Svetoch” library there are many publications related to Pitirim Sorokin – his works and materials about his life and creative work written by researchers.


At the end of the lecture, the staff of the library and the listeners thanked the methodists of the Center for an interesting and educational event, expressing hope for further cooperation.