Students of the Syktyvkar State University found out if there is a “cult of the West” in Russia

A regular meeting of the debating club at the Center “Nasledie” took place on the 18th of April, 2019. Teams of the Syktyvkar State University after Pitirim Sorokin (the Institute of Humanitarian Sciences and the Institute of Social Technologies) took part in the meeting. The topic was chosen: “Is there a “cult of the West” in Russia?”

A team of the Institute of Social Technologies (A. Neshataev and S. Zinchenko) defended a position “In Russia, there is no “cult of the West”. The speakers defined a concept of a “cult”, recognized the influence of globalization processes on Russian society, but noted that this process is not one-sided; there is a simultaneous mutual influence of the West and the East.


Their opponents, students of the Institute of Humanitarian Sciences (R. Garafutdinov and O. Ievleva), convinced the audience that there is a “cult of West” in Russia. They gave a definition of a “cult of the West”. It is a reverence of Western culture.



The victory was won by the Institute of Social Technologies (82:81). The winners received prizes from the Center “Nasledie”; both teams were awarded diplomas and brochures on the life and creative work of Pitirim Sorokin.






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